To meditate, when you have ADHD

Meditation is something that can be very helpful for many. It is a good way to be aware of what is going on around you from moment to moment. It is a good way to be aware of our feelings and thoughts. For many, it can be something that can be done easily enough.

However, if you have ADHD/ADD, it can be more of a challenge. You can probably imagine why, especially if you have it yourself.

Although it can be a challenge to calm our thoughts and sit still for long periods at a time, it is not impossible for us to do. It simply takes time and practice to be able to practice meditation. And it does certainly seem as though it can be beneficial to practice meditation. Yes, I am suggesting that ADHDers/ADDers should consider doing some meditation, and it’s something that I will begin to do myself.

There are some benefits to practicing meditation, when you have ADHD/ADD. It can help us focus our attention by strengthening our inner-self and be able to train attention. We become more aware of ourselves and what is going on inside. It can be beneficial to try and calm our thoughts and ourselves, instead of constantly running on adrenaline.

There are ways for us to be able to meditate. Here are some tips that may be helpful.

Get comfortable. It may be helpful for us to do this, as it may be easier for us to meditate.

Take deep breaths. This is one of the main steps of meditation, as far as I know. This helps us focus on our thoughts and feelings and be more aware of what is going on inside and around us.

Have something to focus on. Perhaps some calming music can help in this case. When I have meditated in the past, this s something that I will chose. Just some calming music on low volume. I have it just loud enough for me to hear.

Of course, there are more helpful tips that you can use to meditate, but these are a few things that you can use to start with. Methods that may be helpful for all of us, myself included.

It would certainly seem that meditation can be a good alternative/supplement for those of us with ADHD/ADD. It seems that it has helped some with ADHD/ADD. And if that is the case, then, it is worthwhile to try and use meditation to our advantage.

Here are some more resources, for those who are interested.

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