Working as an ADHDer/ADDer

Working as an ADHDer/ADDer can be a scary thing at times. And can be hard work. Whether you enjoy your job or not, there can be some challenges on the work front. Yes, I know that we can all expect there to be challenges, especially when you have ADHD/ADD. It’s no surprise. So, you may wonder what’s my point? It can be hard for so many.

Well, I do have a point. Yes, it can be a challenge for many people out there. I do agree. However, individuals who have ADHD/ADD and do work have some different sets of challenges than individuals who do not have ADHD/ADD and also work. I’m not saying that either one have it easier or harder. However, I am saying that ADHDers/ADDers have a different set of challenges when at work.

There are several things that we do struggle with (and yes, some of them we can all guess). So, here are some.

One: Focus, or lack thereof. Or maybe hyperfocus. We do have a difficult time focus or things. Or sometimes we focus a little too much. And yes, both can be an issue. I know I have spoken about both before. These can be an issue for us both at home, as well as at work.

Two: Getting and staying organized. This can definitely be important at work, especially if you have a job, which requires it. Many do. In many cases, it is important to be organized and be able to stay on top of all tasks.

Three: Attention to details. Now this is a hard one. Sometimes, it can be difficult for us to pay attention to details. It can be easy to miss information, when reading an email from a co-worker, or an important document. We can easily miss something that is important, something that we do need to remember.

There are more, but these are a few things that do affect us at work, and things that we do struggle with. This is just to give you an idea. And yes, it does affect us at work, just like it does in other aspects of our lives. We do our best to stay organized, stay focus, and just succeed. However, it can be challenging.

It can affect our performance at work and our work itself, as well as our relationship with our co-workers. At times, we do things that may frustrated our co-workers. Granted, we may not always realize it, and we don’t do it intentionally. We don’t always mean to interrupt or be a poor listener at times. It may not be easy for anyone. Unfortunately, they do still happen.

As difficult and challenging as it may be, there are some methods that we can use to be better at what we do, as well as a better co-worker. There are many things that we can do to help us while at work.

Here are a few examples.

One: Write things down. Make a list of things that you need to do or keep track of. Keep it close by and check it regularly. This is something that I do, and I find it useful. It took me some time to get in the habit, but now I do it all the time.

Two: If possible to work in a quiet area, this can be helpful. Although it isn’t always possible, but it can be helpful in a quiet place, or when it is quiet in the office.

Three: Go for a walk, on your lunch break. Get up every now and then to get some water or to the bathroom or something to that effect.

And yes, I do realize that these suggestions aren’t always possible, but these are just examples, and there are other ways that we can find to help us focus on work and be more productive. Sometimes we just need to find some ways to do it and get it done. Or maybe get someone to help us find ways, if needed.

At the end of the day, we may need some methods to help us, but we can still get the work done with a little help.

Here are some articles if you’re interested.

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