Bitter Sweet Moments

This week is quite special and emotional. However, not really due to ADHD. On Wednesday, my eldest started grade 1. And now my middle one (second child, youngest daughter) starts kindergarten today. If you’re in the UK, this would be the equivalent to P1 and P2. My husband and I also had their parent-teacher meeting last night. My second also met with her teachers on Wednesday morning with my husband.

My eldest was really excited to go on the bus on Wednesday. She let us know that she wanted to go on the bus, which was fine. She woke up, got dressed, got her lunch bag and backpack, and wanted to leave for the bus. Forget that the bus wasn’t going to be by for another hour. The smile on her face when she finally got on said it all. She was happy and so ready to go back to school.

I do think that my second is somewhat looking forward to school. However, she has a different personality from her sister. My eldest is outgoing and independent, while my second is a little more shy and reserved. So, when it was time for her to go in, she cried a little. Thankfully, there was staff there to help. So, I’m sure she’ll be okay and she’s in good hands. I’m sure she’ll be fine and have fun, but it was maybe a little overwhelming. It can be. Especially when you’re little and there are so many new people.

As a parent, we all know that at some point, they’re going to grow up and go off and do their own thing. We all know that. After all, they don’t stay little for long. They grow up quickly. However, that being said, it doesn’t that it’s going to be easy to go through. It can be hard. I know I didn’t have an easy time this morning dropping off my second at kindergarten. I really cried a bit. And yes, I was emotional last year, when my eldest went off to kindergarten. I can’t guarantee that I won’t cry some more.

It’s hard seeing your kids grow up, and go off and do their own thing. As much as we want to be there, and protect them, and all that, we can’t always do that, and that is one thing that can be hard. For some anyway.

Yes, as much as I do enjoy seeing them grow, learn, and develop personalities of their own, there is still a part of that wishes they could still stay small. Well, sometimes anyway. I do find that it’s going to fast. I wish time could slow down a little. But sadly, I don’t have that ability. Unfortunately, we just can’t make time slow down.

So, yes, it has been somewhat bittersweet this week. It has been emotional. However, it wasn’t ADHD-related. It has all been related to being a mom and having kids going to school and growing up.

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