Bored? Yes. Often.

Yes, I know that boredom happens to everyone. Everyone gets bored sometimes, right? However, if you have ADHD/ADD, it’s different. We can and do get bored more easily and more often. We don’t plan to. We don’t necessarily want to or intend to. It just happens. Whether we’re talking about a kid with ADHD/ADD or an adult with ADHD/ADD, we just get bored easily. It’s really unintentional for the most part, but it still happens.

It’s how our brains work. The part that should keep us interested or focused or not be bored doesn’t work like it does for non-ADHD/ADD people. It’s all about how our brain is wired. Our brains are wired differently. This is the simplest explanation.

If i can, maybe I’ll go into more technical terms at a later time. It can get tricky and complicated for some. Myself included. For now, this is the simplest explanation and I’ll still with this one.

There are definitely ways to keep us from being bored and getting bored.
– find activities that are interesting to the person/child with ADHD/ADD
– get a job that you enjoy and that is stimulating (and yes I know that this can be difficult)
– find ways to stay busy in some ways

These are some suggestions. I know we don’t always have the means or opportunities to get a job we love and suits our ADHD/ADD brains. And sometimes our lives can be hectic and we can’t always find interesting activities for us or for our ADHD/ADD kids.

I do understand that there are a lot of variables that come into play. And that it’s not always easy. However these are just some suggestions. There are probably many more.

I think that the important thing is to find ways to adapt life to suit our ADHD/ADD brains.

I know that life can be a challenge for anyone, whether you have ADHD/ADD or not. But at the end of the day, all we can do is the best we can with what we have and with who we are. And sometimes, instead of adapting ourselves to society and life, we have to adapt our life to us a bit.

Here are some other articles on ADHD/ADD and boredom for those who are interested.

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