My struggles

I’ll admit that this week hasn’t quite been the easiest. I have struggled. It has been hard. But these challenges and struggles haven’t been some that others can see. Let’s face it though, you can’t see ADHD, and so the struggles that we have to face aren’t always visible to others, who don’t have it. It can be really difficult to describe.

There have been times, when I have forgotten to get all the information and had to go back and get all the information. I have overreacted a couple times, when I should have stayed calm, at times when most would probably stay calm. Forgotten to do something that someone asked me to do. There have been several things that I know I should be able to do on my own, as an adult, but somehow cannot seem to manage to do. So many things. Things I don’t really want to admit to, as it can be hard to admit to, but I still know that they happened. And it’s hard.

Sure, many adults with or without ADHD/ADD can admit to these things. Some might think that I may be exaggerating, or overeating, or something. But for those of you reading this who do have ADHD/ADD, I’m sure you can imagine and relate to what I’m saying. That our struggles are different from others. Not necessarily worse or anything like that. Just very different.

We struggle in ways that are different from those without ADHD/ADD. In ways that others may just not understand. Or may not want to understand.

And it can be very hard for us to explain. Even this person really wants to understand, it can be really difficult to explain just exactly how hard it is. But I guess that can be said for anything. Even for me, it can be difficult to understand something that I have never experienced or gone through.

So, to go back to what I was saying, it has been a bit of a difficult week. At work and at home. Some weeks/days are more of a struggle than others. The last few days, this week so far, has been more of a challenge. I’m not saying that I haven’t had some nice moments, moments when I am happy, or feeling good about myself, or anything like that. It’s not what I’m saying at all, but I’m just saying that it’s just been one of those weeks when I have struggled. When my ADHD/ADD hasn’t quite made things easy for me.

I am definitely trying not to let my ADHD/ADD define me, but I do have to remember that it is still a part of me and I have been reminded of that this week. Not that I wasn’t aware of it before or anything, but sometimes I’m just reminded of it more than others.

As hard as it has been, at least now I’m making some changes. 10 years ago, I was still kind of in denial, didn’t really want to admit that I had it, even though I knew that I did have it. Now I am accepting that it is a part of me and I am trying to adjust how I do things and find ways to get things done in ADHD/ADD-friendly ways. Or at least, it’s something that I am working on. It’s all a work in progress. But it is coming. At some point. Okay, those of you who have ADHD/ADD know what I mean and will understand.

So, I know this hasn’t quite been like many of my previous posts, but this week I felt that I did need to get this off my chest. I felt that I needed to share some of my struggles. Okay, I know I didn’t go into details. Not sure if I’m quite ready to mention somethings into specifics, but I still wanted to get some of it off my chest. It wasn’t an easy week. Especially emotionally.

So thank you for reading. Whether this is the first post of mine that you have read, or whether this is one of several that you have read, thank you for reading.

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