Creativity and ADHD/ADD

Since I have started doing research on ADHD/ADD, I have seen various articles mention that ADHDers/ADDers tend to be creative. Many seem to go into careers where creativity is involved. So, it would seem.

This would certainly explain my interest for the arts. I’ve always had more of an interest for the arts and quite the imagination.

Many research have been done, and many have found that people with ADHD/ADD tend to be more creative than their non-ADHD/ADD counterparts. I’m not saying that people without ADHD/ADD aren’t creative. I’m sure they can be creative as well. However, generally speaking, people with ADHD/ADD tend to be more creative. I emphasize the words “generally speaking.”

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to everyone with ADHD/ADD. Some of you with ADHD/ADD may say that you guys aren’t creative, and/or it just doesn’t come naturally to you guys. And this is perfectly fine. After all, ADHD/ADD affects us all differently. So, this is something to remember and keep in mind.

Not everyone with ADHD/ADD may be creative. And not all ADHDers/ADDers who are creative may turn out to be like Da Vinci. But there are still some indications that ADHDers/ADDers are on average and generally more creative.

So as much as ADHD/ADD can present challenges and may not always been a good thing, this is something to remember. ADHD/ADD does bring in some good things, such as creativity.

Here is some articles for you.

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  • My husband has ADHD, he’s working as a mechanic right now. So maybe that creative, taking apart and putting things back together. Building things ?

    • dominiquecm

      Yeah, that might definitely a creative aspect. There is some creativity there.

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