People with ADHD and their sleep

It does seem that one problem that many kids and adults with ADHD/ADD have is trouble with sleep. It is something that many with ADHD/ADD struggle with. This difficulty with sleep does affect both kids and adults with ADHD/ADD alike. We’re noticing it in many, although not every ADHDer/ADDer does have problems with their sleep.

Researchers are beginning to see a connection between ADHD and sleep. Studies have shown that some ADHDers/ADDers have difficulty with sleep in three ways: falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up. These create some sleep disturbances that kids and adults with ADHD/ADD may experience.

Let’s take the “falling asleep” disturbance. For non-ADHDers/ADDers, it might be easy to calm down any thoughts, when laying down in bed to go to sleep. However, for ADHDers/ADDers, it’s not always that easy. Our minds tend to be like hamster wheels wit so many thoughts going on. As much as we may try to slow our thoughts down, it is a challenge for us to do it. So, sometimes, it keeps us up, and we do lose some sleep.

It would also seem that our active minds are a reason why we also have difficulty staying asleep as well. Or at least, why some ADHDers/ADDers have difficulty staying asleep. Our minds don’t seem to want to stop. Even for sleep. As our minds race through thought after thought, it may wake us up and keep us from having a good night sleep.

So, with these two disturbances in mind, I guess we can somewhat guess why waking up might be difficult for some. If we’re not sleeping well, then it makes sense that we may have difficulty waking up in the morning. We can make the connection. It may not make it any easier to go through the day, if we are tired, but at least we can know the reason if we are experiencing this.

Researchers still don’t fully know what causes these sleep disturbances. However, it does seem to be catching their attention and some are doing some research, in order to understand the issue and connection.
As much as sleep disturbances do affect ADHDers/ADDers, it does seem as though it may affect all of us.

In my case, I think I’ve only had trouble with sleep in the last few years. I will wake up a few times during the night. I’m not sure if it is related to my ADHD/ADD, or if it’s just related to being a mom (as my kids will sometimes wake up and come sleep with my husband and I) and my ever changing sleep patterns over the last 6-7 years. I have no trouble falling asleep, or even waking up in the morning. I will just have a difficult time staying asleep.

It can be difficult to find out what causes the sleep disturbances. But there are still ways that can help us with sleep, such as having a routine. This is just one example of what may help, for those ADHD/ADD suffering from sleep disturbances. There are things that can help. And we do need to try and get as much sleep as we can, so that we can function the next day. Sleep can also help our symptoms. Just some things to remember.

Hopefully, researchers will be able to learn more about the sleep disturbances in ADHDers/ADDers.

In the meantime, here some articles that may be useful for you. Although I am sure that you could find more, but here’s a start.

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