Why am I feeling overwhelmed?

Everyone does feel overwhelmed sometimes. I would imagine that it does happen to most people.
However, when you have ADHD/ADD, it’s another story. When you have ADHD/ADD, it can be fairly easy to feel overwhelmed. We feel overwhelmed so much more often than the average person. Whether you’re handling small, day-to-day activities, or a major project at work or school, it can be easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed. ADHDers/ADDers will tend to feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. It can sometimes hard to handle for us. I know that there are definitely a few times when I have felt overwhelmed. … Alright maybe more than just a few times. It may be more accurate to say a lot of times. … A day. The long list of things to do and accomplish can be scary, on the best of days.

Add on the responsibilities of a parent can be even more overwhelming, stressful, and hard to manage. I’m sure that the parents reading this can certainly agree with this. And for those who are parents and who have ADHD/ADD, you can relate even more so. I’m not entirely sure how I’ve managed this long, but here I am.
Feeling overwhelmed is something that ADHDers/ADDers do deal with. A lot. There are several reasons why this is.
1. Planning: Let’s face it, we can’t and don’t. Or, if we do, we have a hard time doing it.
2. Organization: Honestly, not to sure how to do it. Not sure about yours, but mine are lacking. Non-existent most of the times. We know that things should go from A to Z, but we have a hard time figuring out all the steps.
3. Time management: It’s just something that we have a hard time grasping at times. A lot.
4. Too many thoughts at the same time: Unless we’re hyperfocusing on something, we have a difficult time being able to focus on one thing long enough to give it any kind of attention.

So, yeah, these are a few things that do work against us and can lead us to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. There is so much to consider and our ability to take everything into consideration isn’t always there. Especially when those considerations aren’t our strengths. This poses as yet another challenge among the thousands of others we have. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get my point.
However, I have found some suggestions of way to relieve this sense of being overwhelmed by things to do. And I can see how these methods would certainly work. There are definitely a few suggestions out there and they do seem helpful. (I won’t go into all of them, but will include some links to them at the end.)
It seems as though the best thing to do is to stop and just start being aware of what is going on and how you’re feeling.

There different ways for ADHDers/ADDers to feel less overwhelmed and be able to get things done. It is certainly possible. It still isn’t an easy task, but it is achievable and possible. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and find ways to not feel so worried and overwhelmed.

If we need some extra help, there is always someone there that we can ask for help. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or even an ADHD coach. It might be scary to ask for some help, especially when we don’t want others to know we can’t do it, but sometimes we need to. We have to remember that sometimes it is okay to ask for help and admit that we can’t do it alone. Let’s get rid of that shame.

We are all different. ADHD works differently for all of us. It has been said that “You see one person with ADHD, you’ve seen one person with ADHD.” So, with this, what may help me relax and get rid of the sense of overwhelm may be completely for others with ADHD. We may have to try a few different things before getting it right, but we can all get there.

So, go out and find ways that work for you. In the meantime, here are some articles to look at.

“OMG, So That’s Why I Do That?!”


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