Adults with ADHD/ADD

As some may already know, ADHD/ADD affects both kids and adults alike. It’s not something that everyone may realize. Yes, it does usually start in childhood (whether it’s diagnosed or not), and in a lot of cases, continues on in adulthood. Not everyone outgrows their ADHD/ADD. I certainly didn’t. Apparently, about 2/3 of kids with ADHD/ADD have it as adults as well. Although the numbers may differ a little, it is still a consensus that quite a few individuals, who have ADHD/ADD as kids, become adults with it. So, the thought that kids will simply outgrow their ADHD/ADD isn’t always the case. Sure, some might, which is definitely great for those who do. However, the majority don’t. It is just within us. It can be hard to change or fix how our brain is wired. As much as we might want to change it, as much as we may not want to have it, ADHD/ADD is still there. It’s within us. It is a part of us.
At some point, we do have to accept that we are ADHDers/ADDers. So, we do adapt, and find ways to manage our symptoms as best as we can. It’s not always easy, but there are definitely ways to manage our symptoms and still be able to be productive and successful. There are many adult ADHDers/ADDers, who are successful and are productive individuals. I’m sure you can easily find examples of these individuals. It is possible to use our ADHD/ADD to our advantage. It’s not always easy and can be difficult to see at times, but it is possible. We can certainly manage. Sometimes, we do need a little help. That’s why we do have coaches and therapists, who specialize in helping kids, teens and adults with ADHD/ADD.

There are a few things that we do have to remember about adult ADHD/ADD. We do struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, and/or impulsivity. However, we also face a whole new set of challenges and struggles.
Like many adults, we have to learn how to manage our finances, clean our own apartments/houses, time management, and such. We have to deal with all the new responsibilities that come with being an adult. It is just a fact that we have to face. However, for those of us with ADHD/ADD, these things really don’t come easily. We have a difficult time planning for things. So, anything that requires any kind of planning presents a problem. Whether it’s planning meals or parties or to-do lists, we don’t usually have an easy time planning things out. Because we don’t plan well for certain activities, time management may also be an issue. Many may show up late for appointments or work. We may not be good with our finances, as we do struggle with creating a budget, which does require some planning, and we may also make some impulsive purchases. Cleaning would require some organization, which also presents itself as a challenge. These are just a few tasks that we do struggle with as adults, but there are many more that are challenging for us. These are just some examples.
However, becoming an adult and all the responsibilities that come with it aren’t the only things that adults with ADHD/ADD must face. We do deal with things that aren’t always easily recognizable. Not only do with deal with ADHD/ADD and the major symptoms that come with it, but we also may sometimes deal with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, mood swings, relationship problems, problems at work, low tolerance for frustration, just to name a few. Not every adult ADHDer/ADDer deals with all of these issues. However, they may face one or a few of them. I suppose it just comes with having dealt with ADHD/ADD and all of the struggles that go with it for a number of years. As an adult with ADHD/ADD, I can certainly understand how some can struggle with these issues, whether it’s one or more.

So, at the end of the day, adults do have ADHD/ADD. It is not some thing that everyone outgrows. Some actually only get diagnosed with ADHD/ADD as adults.
For those of you who are adults and have ADHD/ADD, it is struggle that we all understand. As an adult with ADHD/ADD, I can certainly relate and understand what you go through every day. It can be scary, frustrating, and hard beyond all belief. It is not an easy thing to go through.
For those who aren’t adult ADHDers/ADDers, I know it may not be easy to understand what goes on inside of us, but just understand that it is not easy for us and we are really trying our best. Please just be a little patient and understanding. I think you may find that many of us may appreciate it.

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