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There are a lot of things that ADHDers/ADDers struggle with. If you have it, or have read my previous posts, this goes without saying. You know about it, especially if you have it.

Here’s another struggle for us: organization. Sure, some people might say we all struggle with it sometimes, which might be true. However, for those with ADHD/ADD, it’s more than just some of the times. It’s ALL the time. It’s something we struggle with, something we avoid, something we just don’t like. We are disorganized so often that it’s kind of part of our lives.

Disorganization every moment of the day is normal for us ADHDers/ADDers. We can wonder what it may feel like not to struggle with it. Well, I do sometimes wonder, at any rate. I wonder how my non-ADHD/ADD husband can manage to organize things. He makes it seem so easy to me. For some individuals, like him, it may be easy. It come naturally. It may not be too much of a problem.

And, yet, for others, especially for ADHDers/ADDers, like myself, it really isn’t. It’s a struggle and a challenge. It always has been. For instance, weekday mornings when I have to get my three kids ready, get my eldest off to the bus and my other two to daycare, are definitely not organized on my end. Although I have been able to get into a bit of a routine, since the school year began in September. Those first few mornings weren’t easy. They were even less organized than they are now. I have found a bit of a routine. I guess the more you do something, the better you are at doing it and are able to develop a routine, which does help. Despite having to do it so many times, I am still kind of all over the place.

However, organization doesn’t just begin and end at getting the kids ready for school/daycare, and for some going to work. There is so much involved with this. Getting ready to go out is only part of our challenge and struggle. We will often lose/misplace things. Like the thousands of times I haven’t been able to find my keys. (No use lying. My husband will be able to tell the amount of times I have lost/misplaced them.) Or even the huge mess that I will leave. (My husband’s side of the room usually clean, while mine is the opposite. Clothes all over the place or unfolded in my drawers. Cleaning isn’t my forte, although I am a little better than I used to be.) Finding papers and documents can also be a challenge, especially since they can be all over the place and could possibly anywhere. Sometimes, it can also be easy to forget important dates. I certainly have.
Although I do have an easy time finding things for my husband and kids, I have a difficult time finding my own things, whether it be keys, phone, important papers, or whatever else I may need. Again this is the story of my life. Everyday. And I’m sure that many ADHDers/ADDers can relate.

There are definitely different ways that we can stay organized and remember important things.
When it comes to remembering events, like parties, birthdays, paycheques, and things like that, I have one of those mom calendars. There’s lots of room under each date for me to write things. My husband got me one a few years ago to help me remember important dates, and it was so helpful for me that I’ve been using one ever since. I leave it on my dresser, where I can easily see it. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking it and crossing out the day, at the end of it. Usually before I go to bed. It does help me keep track of things I need/want to remember. So, for me, it works and suits my needs, as I am a mom and like having space to write things in each box. Especially if there are a few things taking place. But maybe it’s not for everyone. Maybe if you need a calendar, but need a portable one, using the one on your phone is better and easier, which can work just as well. However, for me, I don’t check the one on my phone often enough. I probably would often forget to check it and forget appointments. So, the calendar that I have works better and suits me best.

Keys? What about the keys that I often misplace/lose? We do have a key holder hanging up in a rather obvious place. It is easy to see. My husband put it up soon after moved in our current place, so that we’d have a place to put our keys. He hangs them up often (a habit for him, it seems). And yet, mine are often missing from it. I can’t seem to get into the habit of hanging them up, when I’m home. They’re usually laying on the table or counter, or in a sweater or coat pocket. I do usually find them fairly easily, but hanging them up would be a lot easier. I’ll admit that this is something that I probably should work on. Something that I should get in the habit of doing.
I do have a difficult time organizing things. It doesn’t come naturally to me, like a lot of ADHDers/ADDers. My husband is the more organized person. When it comes to organizing our papers in our secretary, for instance, he definitely has the easier time. I wouldn’t really know where to start. It can be overwhelming for me to just look at all the papers we have. If I start, I could probably end up doing it and getting it organized, but it would take some time.

There are a lot of books on being organize and such. A lot of them can be good, but may be difficult for ADHDers/ADDers, as not all of them are aimed for those with ADHD/ADD. Thankfully, there are some books that do give some helpful times to stay organized aimed specifically for those of us who struggle with ADHD/ADD. They can be easy to find. I have read one that discusses organization for those with ADHD/ADD, and I am currently reading another that discusses it as well as other ADHD/ADD related topics.
Although I haven’t really tried any of the suggestions yet, it’s something that I plan on doing. Something that I would like to try. How I find these suggestions and how things work out for me may turn out to be the topic of a future post. I’ll have to see. Either way, I do plan on trying some of these suggestions at some point in the near future, hopefully. I’m not sure when I’ll do it, as I do sometimes procrastinate. More than I should or may care to admit. Either way, something I will get to, as I think being organized can be helpful for a lot of adults, especially if you have ADHD/ADD.
If you have ADHD/ADD and struggle with organization, as I do, maybe do your own research and try some of the suggestions to get yourself more organized. Hopefully, you’re successful. Best of luck! I’d love to hear how things go and what has helped.


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