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For this post, I would like to talk about something a little different. In the last few posts, I’ve talked about how ADHD affects the person with this condition and its symptoms and, for the most part, it’s not always a pretty thing to deal with. Having ADHD can be frustrating and not something we want to deal with.

However, as unpleasant as it can be, there are some good things to having ADHD. Yes, you read that correctly. ADHD does come with some positive traits and some benefits. They’re just maybe not always easy to see. They can be easily forgotten. Especially when the negative seem to be more prominent that the positive. I will admit that I do sometimes tend to forget the good. I am guilty of this, and I am sure I’m not the only one to focus on the bad.
However, this is probably the reason why I want to bring the positive to our attention. It’s why I want to write about. So, that we can talk about it and remember that there are some good things.

So, here is a list of a few positive traits that ADHDers may have, which may be good to know.

1. Creativity.
A lot ADHDers do tend to be quite creative. We tend to think outside the box and come up with imaginative and good ideas. A lot of ADHDers tend to lean towards more creative careers, such as acting, writing, and artists. This isn’t to say that non-ADHDers aren’t or can’t be creative. However, I would think that ADHDers and non-ADHDers can be creative in different ways. Not better or worse, just different.

2. Resilience
It is hard having ADHD. Any ADHDer will attest to this, myself included. We go through so many challenges, setbacks, and difficulties. Our challenges are different from those without ADHD/ADD. And yet, despite all of these challenges, we still manage to overcome them. We get ourselves back up and brush ourselves off, before we keep going. We just find new ways to achieve our goals. We continue to adapt and find new ways of managing things.

3. Compassion and generosity
ADHDers are good at looking out for people and helping others. ADHDers can have a caring nature and do take other’s feelings into consideration, when we may do things.

4. Hyperfocus
Although sometimes it is a negative thing, hyperfocus can still be a good thing. ADHDers can also use this to their advantage as well. It can help get things done. At least, if it’s something that the ADHDer finds interesting. We can still use this to our benefit. At times, it can be a good thing.

5. Risk takers
People with ADHD/ADD tend to take more risks. Not that non-ADHDers don’t take risks, but ADHDers are more easily able to do so. ADHDers/ADDers will take risks more often. It’s part of how our minds work. Plus, we are also used to failing. So, it’s not the end of the world, if we do. We’ll just do what we usually do. Get back up and try again. Taking a risk doesn’t scare many of us that easily. It’s in our nature. It does come a little more naturally and easily for us.

6. Intelligent
Despite what many people may think or may have said to ADHDers, no, we are not stupid or lazy. We are smart. Our brains just process information a little differently. It may take us a little more time and effort to learn something, but we still get there with some time and a little help. We can still learn all the same things others can. We can learn things and we are smart individuals.

7. Spontaneity
Since ADHDers and ADDers don’t sometimes have an impulse control, we will sometimes be spontaneous. Sometimes, that can end with good things happening, such as a nice activity or outing. Like a nice drive or discovering a nice little cafe on one of our usual drives somewhere.

There are other qualities and characteristics that ADHDers and ADDers have, as well as these ones, but here are a few just to give you an idea. There are a lot of good that comes with ADHD/ADD. There is a lot that we can bring to the table. We have things to offer.
For those who are reading, who do have ADHD/ADD, keep these positive traits in mind. As much as it may seem as ADHD/ADD brings nothing but bad, remind yourself of some of these traits. Try and find other good things about it. Do some research of your own. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find. You never know what you may find.
And for those who don’t have ADHD/ADD, well, remember these traits. Try not to focus on the negative aspects of ADHD/ADD as much, Focus on the good a little more and the negative a little less.

If you’re interested in learning a little more, here are a few articles on the subject.


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