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    Smaller Tasks

    Completing tasks can be a challenge for many people. For kids and adults with ADHD, this can be extra challenging. Because our brain functions a little differently, we struggle with being able to plan, manage the time to do it, and such. Especially when those tasks are fairly big. Or seem big, to those of us with ADHD. However, there are definitely ways that we can complete tasks, even when we feel overwhelmed or the task seems huge. Tip #1: breaking things down Focusing on smaller tasks can definitely help be helpful. It does make it easier to get the task done and not make it seem impossible and overwhelm…

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    Want to set goals?

    Last week, we welcomed the new year. Around this time, many people start setting goals for the year, if they haven’t done it already. It is normal to want to set goals and want to achieve them. No matter what it may be, many of us want to work towards something. However, if you have ADHD/ADD, setting goals isn’t necessarily always as easy. Due to how our brain is wired, it can be a challenge to set goals, keeping ourselves accountable, being able to plan out the steps, and such. I am not saying that we are not able to achieve goals, or that we shouldn’t set goals for ourselves,…

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    Being a better cleaner

    If you have ADHD, or know someone with ADHD, you all know how these individuals don’t like cleaning. It’s a task that I avoid as much as I can, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with ADHD who loves to avoid cleaning. Yes, we all know that it’s something that we have to do. We all know we shouldn’t be leaving dirty dishes in the sink for months. We know we have to take out the garbage and recycling. We know we have to do laundry, fold them and put them away. As adults, we know that these are all things that we need to do and are…