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Often Switching Jobs

Getting fired and/or changing jobs a few times happen to many people. It’s definitely not uncommon for them to happen. It may not happen often or to everyone, but it does happen.

However, when ADHD is involved, it changes things quite a bit. Many adults with ADHD struggle when it comes to employment.

Surveys have been done, comparing ADHD vs non ADHD employment topics. It shows that only about half of those with ADHD are able to hold down a job. About three quarters of non ADHD adults are able to do the same. It also seems that ADHD adults are more likely to earn less than non ADHD adults with the same job, doing the same work, working the same hours, etc.

Definitely quite a difference.

For those who do keep the same job, there are definitely challenges there as well. If you have ADHD, know someone with ADHD, or have read some of my previous posts, you may know why it can be challenging.

There are definitely ways to help, when it comes to our job. Medication and/or therapy can be beneficial. While at work, writing things down and delegating are two ways that can help us be successful.

Not everyone may benefit from the same method. We are all different after all. It’s all about finding what works for us and helps us the most.


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