Holding a conversation

We all have conversations with people. From the time we’re little and are able to talk, we interact with others and have conversations. Discuss things with them. At school, work, at home. We have conversation, listen to what others are saying, and respond to what has been said.

However, as an ADHDer, having a conversation and listening may pose some challenges. Individuals with ADHD will difficult with communication and listening.

When it comes to communications, ADHDers may have a tendency to talk non-stop, interrupt, or maybe at times making most of the conversation about themselves (although this may be unintentional). For the most part, ADHDers may not intent to do any of this. They may even do this without even realizing it.

As for listening skills, ADHDers do face some different set of challenges. While they may be listening to someone else talk, they may easily be distracted. They may get distracted by their own inner thoughts and feelings, or by external distractions, such as phones, or other people talking. This does make it easy to miss part of the conversation.

And these are just some challenges that ADHDers have when it comes to communication. These are just some examples of challenges.

Thankfully, there are ways that can help ADHDers improve with their communication and listening skills.

For instance, if an ADHDer (or anyone for that matter) got a little distracted while someone was talking to them, it is alright to ask them to clarify, or ask questions, or even apology and ask them nicely to repeat what they said. It is better to have all the information.

When it comes to communication, there are several ways to help. Slowing down, asking them questions about themselves, just to name two. It can be hard to not take over the conversation, but taking a breath and being aware of what you’re doing may help with communication skills.

As challenging as it can be for ADHDers and not letting their impulsivity take over, there are helpful ways that we can use to help us improve. Getting a coach can also help us improve as well and give us additional suggestions.

Just because you have ADHD and struggle with the challenges that it comes with, it doesn’t mean that you always have to struggle. There are ways to help.

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