No, we are not all a little ADHD sometimes

I’m sure many of us with ADHD have heard this. I have on a couple of occasions. But the truth is, no we’re not all a little ADHD sometimes. Yes, everyone will forget something from time to time, or lose an important […]

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Keeping a Job when You Have ADHD

Sometimes, having a job can be hard. It can be challenging for anyone. Keeping a job can also be challenging. However, ADHD can add some extra challenges, when it comes to employment. Adults with ADHD tend to have a difficult time keeping […]

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Being active when you have ADHD

We all need to take care of ourselves. Our bodies are important. No matter who you are, we do need to take care of ourselves. Being active and doing some physical activities do have their benefits. When you have ADHD, it does […]

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