Sticking to the conversation

When it comes to having conversations, it can be a little tricky for people with ADHD/ADD. Yes, we can have conversations. We can sometimes go on and on about a topic. Sometimes. However, it can still be a challenge, as we can also get distracted during a conversation.

I know this may seem a bit odd, but yes, this can be the case for those of us with ADHD/ADD. And there are some reasons why we may be able to focus on a conversation and not another. It mostly has to do with how our brain works.

For the most part, holding a conversation can be difficult and challenging for a few different reasons. Some can be pretty obvious, if you’re familiar with ADHD/ADD.

For one thing, we get distracted. Easily. Sometimes, even very easily. So, when a conversation begins, we may have every intention of listening, staying focused, and paying attention to what is being said and to everything involving the conversation. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. Before we know it, we may get distracted by something or someone. Maybe we will be distracted by a thought, or something going on behind the person we’re talking to, or even just a small noise in the background, whether big or small. Honestly, it really isn’t intentional. We don’t mean to get distracted and lose focus. We don’t do it on purpose. (Well, for the most part, we don’t.) Unfortunately, it’s just how our brains work. And yes, this is something that I do still have trouble with.

Interrupting is another problem we have, during conversations. I am guilty of this one too. Our brains have a difficult time waiting for our turn to talk and for the other person to finish. We can be impulsive, and this does apply to conversations. Not just impulse purchases. We don’t always know how to control those impulses. The part of our brain that is supposed to help stop our impulses doesn’t always work as well as it does for those without ADHD/ADD. Just another thing we need to deal with.

There are times when we can hold a conversation and stay focused during the entire time. Yes, without getting distracted. But like most things, we have to be really interested in the topic of conversations. You might be saying that this is the case for anyone. And yes, to some extent you would be right. However, most people without ADHD/ADD can still stay somewhat focused during a conversation that doesn’t interest them. But we just don’t. We don’t have that ability. So, if we really want to stay focused, the subject really (and I mean REALLY!) has to interest us. And this applies to pretty much everything for us.

However, as much as some conversations can hold our attentions for more than just a minute at time, it can still be a real struggle for us. It is not easy. It is a real challenge. Don’t always know what to say or how to say it. Saying something impulsively. Interrupting. Getting distracted during the middle of a conversation, which might mean that we miss some information. Perhaps even important information. So, put all of these things together, and it’s not really a good combination. This can definitely lead kids and adults with ADHD/ADD to have a difficult time socially.

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